What to Do This Month in NYC and Los Angeles

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Summer’s in the rearview friends. Time to embrace whatever autumn brings. Our resident culture writer Scott Heins has selected six of the best events happening this October, from dream pop performances to a marathon of timeless creepy camp. Oh, and a food festival. It’s a feast this month, literally and figuratively.

LOS ANGELES: It may seem like an obvious tie-in to today’s news cycle, but the new Walls exhibit at Annenberg Space for Photography takes a longview of history and how barriers have shaped it. Featuring works from over 70 artists and photographers, the new gallery show examines walls as a concept—how they have both divided and defined societies dating back centuries across the globe. The works on offer go beyond the material to present walls of judgment, ideology, religion, and pure aesthetic decoration, and is sure to defy any expectations you bring with you upon arrival. The entire experience is free of charge and a must for visiting photographers, philosopher, and anyone who enjoys an art show that pulls no punches. Opens Saturday, October 5th // Annenberg Space for Photography, 2000 Avenue of the Stars, Los Angeles // Free admission

LOS ANGELES: It’s official: Lana del Rey runs the world. The dreamy pop idol reached new heights this year with the release of her new LP, Norman Fucking Rockwell, which has received universal acclaim from fans and critics alike. It’s a record that cements del Rey’s songwriting prowess, tackling deep issues of loss, connection, and a search for inner peace. That makes it the perfect soundtrack to the last warm days in California, and luckily LDR is set to play the Hollywood Bowl this month. Songs like “Mariners Apartment Complex” and “Venice Bitch” will only sound better in person with the added gusto of a live band and Lana’s sublime crooning. Expect to cry, laugh, and get swept up in it all. Thursday, October 10th, 7:30 p.m. // Hollywood Bowl, 2301 N Highland Avenue, Los Angeles // Tickets $150 and up

LOS ANGELES: Whether you’re into sci-fi, vintage horror, or just anything genuinely weird, it can all be traced back to The Twilight Zone, a series that wasn’t just ahead of its time: it’s timeless. From the classically campy “Nightmare at 20,000 Feet” (“Gremlins!”) to the deeply unsettling “Rip Van Winkle Caper,” these stories never end the way you’d expect and always stick with you for many nights on end, that spooky guitar theme music ringing in your ears. As we look toward Halloween, the Vista Theatre will be playing a special Sunday screening of the Twilight Zone on 16mm film prints, giving you the chance to see these stories in rare high-fidelity. The screenings will feature brief discussions of the life and art of Twilight Zone host Rod Sterling, giving wider human context to all the scary stuff. Sunday, October 20th, 10 a.m. // Vista Theatre, 4473 Sunset Drive, Los Angeles // Tickets $11-14

NEW YORK CITY: New York City suffers no shortage of food festivals, but this month one of the truly great ones is on order. EEEEEATSCON will be taking over the beautiful Forest Hills Stadium in Queens for what’s being described as “a music festival where restaurants are the headliners.” Organized by the hungry minds at The Infatuation, EEEEEATSCON will feature dozens of restaurants serving up their signature dishes from not just the five boroughs, but around the world. Missed that summer vacation to Italy? You can get some genuine Italian pasta here. Expect plenty of drink options, live music, and talks from some of the leaders in the food industry and New York’s burgeoning chef scene. Ticket prices are cheap and vendors are charging reasonable prices, so you and your wallet will both stay stuffed. Saturday, October 5th, 12 p.m. // Forest Hills Stadium, 1 Tennis Pl, Forest Hills, Queens // Tickets $15-30

NEW YORK CIYT: In 2019 there’s nothing that Charli XCX can’t do. Twenty-seven years old and already a subversive pop superstar, Miss XCX is in the midst of a sprawling tour in support of her brand new record, Charli. And, because this is New York, one of the biggest dates on the itinerary is a local stop at Terminal 5, where you can expect a searing performance of hits like “1999” and the Lizzo-powered “Blame It On Your Love.” This show is actually a second NYC stop on the Charli Live tour after a date in July sold out in a matter of hours, so get yourself a ticket to the dark pop symphony and prepare to lose yourself to dance. Monday, October 21st, 7 p.m. // Terminal 5, 610 W 56th Street, Manhattan // Tickets $32

NEW YORK CITY: It’s been a difficult summer for art lovers in New York City with the Museum of Modern Art closed for renovations. But now, finally, everything is back in its right place. MoMA will reopen October 21 with brand new exhibitions and a fresh take on its permanent collection, making it a special treat for first-time visitors and a necessary re-up for seasoned locals. The space’s new design features expanded galleries, new performance spaces, plus the usual assortment of legends like Picasso, Dali, Ernst, Pollack, Rothko, and many more. Artists, creatives, and casual fans alike will owe it to themselves to see New York’s finest modern art museum in its new and improved form. Reopens Monday, October 21st // MoMA, 11 West 53rd Street, Manhattan // Admission $25

Photo courtesy of Debby Hudson

Scott Heins

Scott Heins

Scott Heins is a writer and photographer living in New York City. Born in Minnesota, he currently works in Brooklyn as a journalist and portrait artist. He's fascinated by anything in the world that's strange, futuristic, or forgotten.