What to Do This Week in LA, Miami, and NYC

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We’re looking past Christmas Day to mid-week here for things to do in Miami, L.A., and New York City. Have some pre-New Year’s thrills by checking out a vertigo-inducing new slide tower in Miami. In Los Angeles, you’ll feel like you’re in a New York subway, in a good way, at a new graffiti-sprayed nightclub. And in Brooklyn, go check out the naughty-nice House of Yes club, where Thursday they’re mandating an ugly sweater dress code. Cheers!


Now that the stores are a sales free-for-all, head Wednesday to the Aventura Mall on Biscayne Boulevard to buy the stuff you actually want, and then… go ye merry gentlemen and fair woman up, up, up the gangplank of the mall’s spanking-new, spiraling, outdoor double slide tower. Next: zoom 93-feet down. Was that the sound of sheer glee? This working sculpture, designed by the artist Carsten Höller, is a thing of beauty, and fun. You’re still a kid, kid. This mall, after a $200 million renovation, feels anything but 1980s, and now includes a third-level food court. The slide is free, and open from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m.


It’s rare that we point our readers to a single nightclub, but here we go, as it is rather boss. This Wednesday night, go to the soft opening of Station1640, a new Hollywood club that has transformed its space into a New York subway–graffiti, white tile, and train signs included. The graffiti artists are some of L.A.’s finest: Retna, Risk, Slick. The bar leans toward mescal for no apparent reason. We don’t care. We like mescal, and never got to drink it while taking the N-R to and fro midtown to SoHo. We just didn’t think of it. This is a transportive space. All aboard.


This Thursday, “Dirty Thursday,” as it’s called at Brooklyn’s “weird is wonderful” House of Yes performance-art nightclub, find your ugliest sweater–the theme of the night–and don it at this fantastically fetish-y aerial-batic space that never ceases to get our freaky-flag on. If you’ve never been, just head there after 10 p.m., and expect a kind of cabaret-meets-punk atmosphere. House of Yes is a tangible experience. Under said sweater, don’t be shy, girl or guy, to sport something Madonna might when she was having that bondage-inspired Thierry Mugler moment. This is a fun, adventurous, and welcoming hotspot. There are few left. And it’s a terrific reason to go check out Bushwick to boot.

Photo courtesy of Nicolai Berntsen

Steve Garbarino

Steve Garbarino

Steve Garbarino is a contributing editor at Vanity Fair and a culture reporter for The Wall Street Journal. He is also the author of "A Fitzgerald Companion."