What to Do This Week in LA, Miami, and NYC

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This past long holiday weekend of turkey and football was calming but so darned wholesome. Time to mix it up. In Los Angeles, head to a tony new sportsman’s haberdashery and learn how to shoot a bow-and-arrow to boot. In New York, it’s truffle madness with a host of hearty spots to go sniffing around for that earthy delectable. And in Miami, it’s all Greek to us, with a new upstairs bar where you can swing, literally, the night away. Here’s what’s happening this week.


Aim your sights at La Brea Boulevard this Thursday to the just-opened Best Made Co., where you can practice your longbow skills at an indoor archery range, or have your ax sharpened. This manly new outpost brought to you buy the menswear label Best Made Co. will help you get your inner woodsman on, girl or guy. The space itself is gorgeous: a cross between a hardware store and an outerwear outpost, very woody and airy. The clothing ranges from blanket-lined jackets to denim work shirts. Sort of an upscale version of Filson or L.L. Bean Signature. And, yes, you can buy a longbow, or have a custom-hatchet made at the “axe bar.” Sneak in a flask.


So you chowed down on an all-American turkey dinner. Now it’s time for an upgrade. People, it is truffle season. Ah, the aroma. This Friday, head to an autumnal-inclined restaurant that is featuring them. That includes a cornucopia of preparations at Ai Fiori, over on Fifth Avenue, or try the truffle menu at Rossopomodoro, on Greenwich Avenue. And if you have never experienced the truffled mac-and-cheese at The Waverly Inn, share a bowl of that indulgent dish with friends by one of the West Village’s restaurant’s fireplaces. While you’re at it, split the terrific chicken pot pie too. Why not? The insider-y clubhouse is so much more inviting now that that the Hollywood predators who used to call it home have vacated the premises. Own it!


The restaurant scene here just keeps getting better and bigger. And so it’s hard to pick just one newcomer to recommend. This Friday, take our pick. It’s the new upstairs lounge at Meraki, the rustic Greek bistro. Treat yourself to a watermelon mojito or white sangria and grab two of those 1970s-era wicker swing chairs suspended from the ceiling. This is one sexy spot for doing a one-two punch. Terrific Greek cuisine below, then repair to the upstairs for a makeout session amid all the drippy candles. A refreshing change of pace from the family holiday weekend. You’re so above it all.

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Steve Garbarino

Steve Garbarino

Steve Garbarino is a contributing editor at Vanity Fair and a culture reporter for The Wall Street Journal. He is also the author of "A Fitzgerald Companion."