What to Do This Week in LA, Miami, and NYC

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You thought that the sun had already blocked out by a bad moon rising of late. Nope! The real solar eclipse is this Monday afternoon, in case you had turned off the news. Near Miami, we prod you to see at least 80 percent of a full eclipse at about 3 p.m. from the Deering Estate. In New York, take to a more figurative higher ground and head to Higher Pictures for a stellar photo show. And in Los Angeles, Dorothy, you don’t have to look any further than Mulholland Drive, where you don’t need a lunar eclipse to marvel at the stars and skyline any night you choose.


Not since Cindy Sherman have we loved a self-portrait photographer-artist as much as newcomer D’Angelo Lovell. The young artist revels in deceptively simple images, ten of which just went on display at Higher Pictures gallery, on Madison Avenue. Go check them out on Wednesday. The images are erotic with classical and racial-themed references. Each image is staged to tell little stories right down to a wood-paneled backdrop. While they make us think of film stills by David Lynch–as well as Andres Serrano and the late George Dureau–there is a regal, cocksure sense to them, even when the artist’s fly is subtly half-open. We can see why New York Times art critic Roberta Smith is so taken by this debut. It’s on display through Sept. 2.


Though L.A. is always typecast as Smog Central, if you get up there in the canyons at night it provides some of the most cinematic skyline views known to man. This Thursday night, after a lunar eclipse reprieve and all the after-work traffic has made it to “the other side,” head up Cahuenga or Laurel Canyon Boulevard to the 21-mile Mulholland Drive and find your best vantage point to scenic-view pull over and look down upon glittering downtown and the lowlands from 1,400 feet above sea level. There is magic in the air a-waft with woodsy aromas. If you head toward the Pacific, where Mulholland turns into a spectacularly spooky dirt path, turn the car off and listen to the trickle of streams and coyote howls muting out the traffic in the San Fernando Valley. Solo or with your significant other, this is one of the most romantic places to escape it all and perhaps come up with your own life script.


This Monday, pack up a late lunch and find a spot at the Deering Estate to see the solar eclipse with like-minded luna-ies. The Southern Cross Astronomical Society has set up professional telescopes on the lush grounds and is providing protective glasses, which will be given out at the main gate. Go early (there is limited supply) or bring your own. Gate opens at 1 p.m. Admission is $12. The Frost Science Museum is also hosting an eclipse party, but from the Deering, you’ll be more out there with Mother Nature and Poseidon, too.

Photo by Mat Reding

Steve Garbarino

Steve Garbarino

Steve Garbarino is a contributing editor at Vanity Fair and a culture reporter for The Wall Street Journal. He is also the author of "A Fitzgerald Companion."