L.A.’s Wittiest Sandwich Spot Gets a Second Home

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Wax Paper. It might be one of the greatest names for a sandwich spot SIXTY has ever laid eyes on. It brings to mind 1950s lunch counters, picnics in the park, mothers in gingham with well-manicured nails. Oh, how two words can make you nostalgic for a time you might never have even lived through. A feat, really.

Photo courtesy of @waxpaperco via Instagram. Header photo courtesy of @daniellegadams.

Speaking of feats. Wax Paper opened in December 2015 in Frogtown, a then sort-of-unknown stretch of a neighborhood along the L.A. River. Elysian Valley, it’s called. It was hard to find—maybe on account of it living inside a shipping container. Location be damned, people came. They came for Wax Paper’s freshly baked bread, its succulent sliced meats, its Canadian cold brew made with vanilla bean and maple syrup. They came for sandwiches named after NPR hosts: an Ira Glass on seeded wheat, a Larry Mantle on a sesame roll, a Terry Gross on focaccia. It was funny, yes. But more importantly, it was delicious.

Photo courtesy of @waxpaperco via Instagram.

As of this month, Wax Paper—quite deservedly—will be expanding their operations. Their Frogtown digs will remain, but you will also be able to find them in Chinatown’s United Foods Building. Like their pilot project, the space is a bit of an uncharted leap. The building, a nondescript and stuccoed marigold beaut on North Broadway, was once a food processing plant. Today, more and more stores are taking residence here. Wax Paper will certainly add no small amount of cache. They plan on a December opening. Stay tuned.

Wax Paper
736 N. Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 90012

2902 Knox Ave,
Los Angeles, CA 90039




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