A Tiki Tabu Summer Playlist by Tolga Dogan

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If happen to be at SIXTY LES and you happen to see Tolga Dogan behind the decks, we have some advice if you feel compelled to ask him to play a song. Do request Todd Terje’s “Inspector Norse.” Bieber’s “Despacito”–now that’s a big don’t.

When the Jersey-born, New York City-based DJ isn’t at Tiki Tabu, he’s got residencies elsewhere. Out east, on Montauk, he’s creating the soundtrack for both Ruschmeyer’s and Gurney’s. Closer to home, he’s at Kind Regards on Ludlow.

Tolga got his start playing college parties at UMD and Rutgers. He’s long since graduated from that scene. Today, he’s all grown up, favored by brands like Fendi and Adidas–and, of course, SIXTY Hotels.

While we start counting down the days until fall (say it ain’t so!), Tolga has provided us the songs to get us through August and beyond. Have a listen.

Photo courtesy of Atisha Paulson



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