Three Cheers for Carbs: Miami’s Best Bakeries

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The new year too often calls for diets and fixes, cutting things out and keeping things at bay. Phooey to all that, we say. In 2017, we believe it’s time for you to sensibly indulge in all of the things you love. And if you love baked goods (and you happen to be in the Miami area), this list is for you. While South Beach isn’t readily known for its delicious carbs, these five spots are endeavoring to put Miami on the map.


Photo courtesy of @snacksalldayeveryday via Instagram. Header photo courtesy of Crumb on Parchment.

Crumb on Parchment

One of our favorites, if not for its name alone. James Beard award-winning chef Michelle Bernstein brings her chops to this Miami Design District cafe/bakery. She’s put chef Jessica Hernandez in charge of the baked goods. Follow her personal Instagram if you’re a fan of salivating over Crumb on Parchment‘s maple bacon scones, apple cider cupcakes, or their outrageously delicious sticky buns. Dessert purists will find maximum satisfaction in their very popular chocolate chip cookies.

3930 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33137


Photo courtesy of @elyssarg via Instagram.

True Loaf Bakery

Tomas Strulovic opened the Parisian-style True Loaf Bakery as a true novice to the field. The former financier had completed courses at the San Francisco Baking Institute, but hadn’t gotten his hands dirty in the real world. That leap of faith became an immediate hit. Strulovic’s creations look as though they’ve been made by the oldest, most knowledgeable hands in the pastry world. You won’t find a better croissant in Miami. Truth.

1894 Bay Rd, Miami Beach, FL 33139


Photo courtesy of @max_vs_food via Instagram.

Zak the Baker

Pick a carb, any carb. Zak the Baker usually lands on guests of SIXTY Hotel’s Miami must-hit list. And for good reason. The kosher bakery makes everything fresh and by hand, with options changing every day. Here, a slab of toast with ricotta feels as decadent as a freshly fried donut–and equally delicious.

405 NW 26th St, Miami, FL 33127


Photo courtesy of @zeinabkristen via Instagram.

Cafe Curuba

Cafe Curuba, found tucked away near the corner of Ponce de Leon Boulevard in Coral Gables, prides itself on its excellent coffee (sourced from not one, but two different roasters–local favorite Panther Coffee and North Carolina’s own Counter Culture–in addition to its proprietary cold brew). So it’s a good thing they’ve got plenty of sweets to stand up to even the most bitter of brews. Live large and grab one of their guava pandebonos, a Colombian speciality cheese bread.

2626 Ponce De Leon Blvd, Coral Gables, FL 33134


Photo courtesy of @darvkay via Instagram.

La Parisienne

Oh, the joys of flour. La Parisienne’s Alibey Embarek churns out a variety of artisanal breads–long ones, fat ones, short ones, round ones–that are all shaped by hand and fermented just long enough to go that extra mile. Good bread comes to those who wait.

1909 NE 154th St, North Miami Beach, FL 33162

Jenny Bahn

Jenny Bahn

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