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There’s been much talk these days of the female gaze–exploring womanhood and sexuality through the lens of someone who’s been there, done that. A fellow woman, in other words. It’s something you feel distinctly when looking at the work of New York City-based photographer and artist Kaitlyn Mikayla. Her subjects feel like protagonists in their own journeys, not “Under 5” accessories. Recently, Mikayla stopped by SIXTY Soho with actress Taylor LaShae to create a world of their own making for Live Fast Magazine. It’s all roses and bedsheets, velvet lobbies and woolen berets. Sounds about right. Below, we talk to Mikayla about posh v. grunge, good days v. bad days, and a September rose in spring.

sixty hotels

Born where:

Ann Arbor, MI.

Born when:


sixty hotels nyc

Favorite neighborhood in NYC:

It’s a tie between the West Village and the Lower East Side. Some days I love the posh, some days I love the grunge.

Best spot for coffee or preferred caffeine:

Cha Cha Matcha.

kaitlyn mckayla

A good day in NYC looks like:

Sunny, 70s. Brunch with friends. Shopping. Photoshoot. Movie night.

A bad day in NYC looks like:

Snowing, 20s. Everyone cancels on you. You miss the train. You know… the works

sixty soho

What you pack for a weekend away:

My Canon, day-to-night outfits, makeup, and too many chargers that I don’t actually need.

Cocktail/bev of choice:

Frozen margarita.

Taylor LaShae

Song you’re currently listening to on repeat:

“September Rose” by Cailin Russo.

Three of your favorite stores:

Topshop, Story, Strand Bookstore.

sixty hotels

What street we’ll probably catch you on:

Houston St.

Film/book/work of art that inspired you recently:

20th Century Women.

Taylor LaShae

Magazines on your coffee table right now:

Nat Geo’s first Transgender issue, The Hollywood Reporter, Variety.

Three books on your bookshelf you haven’t read yet:

Infinite Jest, Me and You and Memento and Fargo, A Clockwork Orange.

sixty soho

Preferred camera:

Canon 6D (and the Canon AE-1 when I’m feeling frisky!).

All photos courtesy of Kaitlyn Mikayla for Live Fast Magazine 



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