SIXTY Sees: Joywave “Obsession”

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If a picture says a thousand words, a movie trailer says… a trillion? Whatever the math might be, in the video you’re about to see, directors Laura Gorun Cooper Roussel and Dimitri Basil manage to communicate whole films in two-second shots accompanied by distinctive title overlays. For Joywave’s “Obsession,” the two cleverly splice together dozens of fictional movie title screens with shots of their attendant stars. The images and titles are familiar and absurd—fair approximations of ’80s made-for-TV movies. A girl runs alongside an airport tarmac (Nothing Arizona), a red-lit shadow raises a knife (Helldust), two women confer mysteriously in the shadows of Downtown L.A. (Baby Down the Drain). It’s good, silly, nostalgic fun. Have a watch.



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