America’s First Poster Museum Comes to New York City

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For those in cosmopolitan areas, the poster is ubiquitous. It is social wallpaper, wherein we are advertised to, yelled to, summoned upon. In New York City, in particular, they are a constant presence. We see them on subway walls, construction sites, mostly in paper, sometimes on LED screens. And so how appropriate that this fine city be given the first poster museum in the whole of the United States. It’s called Poster House, and it opens this June.

Poster House will focus on posters of influence and import from around the world, starting with their arrival in the late-1800s. Their exhibitions will touch upon the social and cultural significance of the medium, how it has managed to persuade the masses, fuse art and culture, and take control of the public domain.

Poster House will be launching on June 20 with two exhibitions, Alphonse Mucha: Art Nouveau/Nouvelle Femme and Designing Through the Wall: Cyan in the 1990s. If you happen to be in town, do make sure to check it out. Until then, get a taste of what Poster House has to offer in this video below.




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