19 Questions with StickyBaby Designer Amanda Litzinger 

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From her see-thru bucket bags and neon green bucket hats to her glittery decals screaming from the backs of bomber jackets, you can’t help but notice StickyBaby. The NYC-based fashion label, run by 27-year-old Amanda Litzinger, whips up the sort of downtown DIY cool that can’t be replicated.

A proud drop-out of New York City’s Fashion Institute of Technology—which has produced famous alumni like Norma Kamali, Calvin Klein, and Francisco Costa, to name just three—Litzinger founded StickyBaby in 2012 after leaving the school. In 2017, the brand catapulted into the spotlight when Bella Hadid wore a StickyBaby hoodie and vintage appliquéd jeans in Paris. The rest, as they say, is history.

As StickyBaby has grown, Litzinger maintains the same handmade quality she launched the brand with. The catchphrases that have been a Litzinger mainstay feel more necessary than ever, and range from mantra (like her “HIGHER LOVE” bomber) to protest (like her “MY BODY” denim jacket, the proceeds of which were donated to Planned Parenthood). With Stickbaby, it’s a smart mix of cultural awareness and personal expression.

As she prepares to show her collection at SIXTY SoHo on September 12, Litzinger let us into her Brooklyn studio to talk irrelevant athleticism, electric runways, and a shade called “Safety Orange.”

So where’d the name Sticky come from?

I came up with StickyBaby in the summertime during a stay in Cadillac, Michigan. I was looking to name my brand and everyone kept saying “Oh, the weather is so sticky.” That stayed in my mind, so I figured it was a good enough name.

Where’d you grow up?

I grew up in Phoenix, Arizona.

Favorite piece of clothing or outfit growing up:

In second grade I was really into basketball sneakers with skirts. I had baby pink Air Force 1’s and I was ridiculed because I didn’t play basketball well. I remember thinking how irrelevant that was to my fabulous taste for sneakers.

Senior class photo—what are you wearing?

Can’t forget this one: a faux piece of pink hair that I clipped in, flower-print Doc Martens, and a white long-sleeve vintage dress with an enormous bow on the front.

High school job and your most notable memory there: 

Barro’s Pizzeria. Most of my friends worked there and we used to raise a joyful hell.

Fashion show that most sticks out in your memory:

The first show I sat through was Opening Ceremony. It was electric.

Designers you admire:

Christopher Kane, Betsey Johnson, and Vivienne Westwood.

Era of fashion that inspires you most, at the moment:

Usually 1960s and ’70’s. I love the knee-high boots, bohemian garb, and any girl from the Beatles era.

First thing you ever made or designed: 

My mother says at a very young age I would describe to her in detail the piece that I was looking to wear. She says she wondered: “Where are we going to find that?” So she sewed them for me and taught me to sew myself. One of the first pieces I remember being delighted and disappointed by was a handbag I made from cloud-print bed sheets and my satin nightgown.

Most important thing you learned while studying fashion at FIT:

Look around once at what the others are doing, then focus completely on your vision as if it’s the only one.

Least important thing you learned while studying fashion at FIT:

Well, I failed the Microsoft Excel course, so I suppose I found that unimportant.

How does New York City fuel your designs?

New York City fuels StickyBaby in every way. Every person, traffic sound, and lost pet sign: I love it all. This collection is very much inspired by New York City—what it does to your mind.

Three people who are the most StickyBaby out of all StickyBabies: 

Aha! My older sister Rachel is so StickyBaby, rocking it almost daily. One of my best friends, Tessa Gourin, rocks the hell of the brand. And anyone who comes to my shows or supports my brand is an ultimate StickyBaby. I love them all.

Three other independent brands we should have on our radar:

Dadybones, Zepherina, Ljuka.

Most interesting phrase someone’s ordered for custom StickyBaby jacket:

“Stoney Baloney” with a head of Medusa patch. (Yes, please.)

Song you’ve been listening to the most while making this collection:

“Little Wing” by Jimi Hendrix.

What should we expect from this collection?

A bright and eerie note on the significance of mental health.

Material/ color/ motif you’re most interested in right now: 

Safety Orange and butterflies.

If you weren’t designing, you’d be __________: 

I visited the Bureau of Passports recently near Houston Street and I thought it would be a charming place to work.

Photos by Atisha Paulson for SIXTY Hotels



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