SIXTY Sees: Nobuyoshi Araki’s “Love On the Left Eye”

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Known for his deftly artful erotic photography, Nobuyoshi Araki recently experienced what one imagines to be an artist’s worst nightmare: loss of vision. A retinal artery obstruction back in October claimed sight from his right eye. But one man’s seemingly catastrophic loss is another’s creative gain. In his latest show, Love On the Left Eye, Araki allows the viewer–possibly more than ever before–to see the world through his own eyes. Juxtaposing naked women and floral arrangements, Araki cuts each image in half, obstructing our view inasmuch as his own has been obstructed. The results are a beautifully personal take on his signature work.

Love On The Left Eye can be seen through June 21 at the Taka Ishii Gallery, Tokyo.


Jenny Bahn

Jenny Bahn

Jenny Bahn is a writer and editor based in Brooklyn, specializing in music, fashion, the arts, and culture, both high and low. Her work has been featured in Cereal, Lenny Letter, and more.