Make Believe Playlist Vol. 3: Liam Berkeley

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Make Believe, our little party palace in the sky at SIXTY LES, continues to burn up as the temperatures drop. And so it feels only right that Australia-born DJ Liam Berkeley has created a smoking new playlist that will have you riding into fall on a cloud. A fresh arrival to the New York City music scene (to the tune of six short months), Berkeley brings with him an ear for tracks that feel somewhere between New Year’s Eve in Sydney and summer on the Mediterranean. Funk, soul, disco, vocal house: it’s what we call the soundtrack for a very good time. Below, get to know Berkeley the man in brief. Then, open Spotify, make yourself a drink, and press play.

What got you into music?

Limewire 2.0.

What was the first album you ever purchased?

8701, Usher… wow.

What was your first big investment as a DJ?


Any DJs or musicians you admired growing up?

Absolutely. I was raised on Marvin Gaye, Quincy Jones, George Benson, Luther Vandross, Barry White, and the Chainsmokers.

What did they do that really interested you?

Delivered with a whole lot of soul, style, and serious vibes before “vibes” was a general term and Instagram account name. Great account though, @vibes.

What was your first DJ gig in NYC?

PAUL’S BAY GRAND. I get denied entry on my nights off.

Album you’re currently very into right now:

Tough one to answer in a time of “single” releases. However, I’m always trying to find rare, soulful, disco, and funk tracks. Loving production from COEO, Purple Disco Machine, and, of course, Disclosure. But as a body of work and not music I play mid set: Jorja Smith’s Lost & Found and 8701 from Usher.

When you’re not at Make Believe, where are we most likely to find you?

Call me fresh meat but Cafe Select. It really brings the française out of moi.

The recipe for a perfect night in NYC:


Any other places for our readers to find you? 

For bookings, you can contact my manager at, or follow me @liamberkeley on Instagram to stay in the loop. A lot of new music and gigs happening as we speak. #selfpromo



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