Make Believe’s Ultimate NYFW Playlist

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Whether you’re in the industry or not, New York Fashion Week is an unavoidable force felt across Manhattan. In the weeks leading up to it, Spring Street and Lafayette becomes the Shibuya Crossing for the world’s most beautiful swans–young models shipped in for the season from parts much further afield. German, Dutch, Texas twang: you’ll hear it all coming from those pretty little mouths. And we haven’t even gotten to the editors, the stylists, the well-dressed who’s who. It’s a magical seven days, truly surreal in its beauty.

So, it seems especially fitting that we bring you a NYFW playlist courtesy of a place called Make Believe. In many ways the social heart of SIXTY Hotels, this whimsical lounge at SIXTY LES channels a kind of international energy that feels especially apt this time of year. DJ Son of Lee–who makes regular Make Believe appearances in addition to his ongoing party, Hart & Soul, at Brooklyn’s Bossa Nova Civic Club–generously offered his auditory talents to provide us with a soundtrack worthy of the unfathomable, gorgeous fun that awaits. Have a listen.

Photo courtesy of Flaunter



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