Designer Lola Abbey of Dadybones Is One of a Kind

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To meet Dadybones is to love Dadybones. Or, rather, to meet Lola Abbey is to love, well, you get it. The L.A.-based designer is inextricably tied to her brand, and the things she makes are true extensions of herself. Abbey is playful, excitable, and jubilant. Dadybones follows suit. When this writer met her for the first time, she was wearing earrings made of Ritz Crackers dipped in resin and crowned with plastic emeralds. “Ritzy Crackers” she called them.

The Arizona-born creative moved to Los Angeles from Arizona in 2011. (She co-incidentally grew up with Amanda Litzinger, designer of NY’s Stickybaby, who you can read more about here.) Abbey launched her line three years ago, and proceeded to get picked up by stockists like Opening Ceremony. Her accessories continue to grace the well-shaped faces of L.A. It Girls like illustrator Langley Fox and actress Paige Elkington. Dadybones is a brand that certain girls know.

In an annoyingly serious world, Dadybones never takes itself too seriously. When it comes to naming her product, her wordplay never ceases to spark delight, especially when it comes to her earrings. Take your pick from Paradice (two dice made of blue), Olive U (martini olives), or Haute Cheetoh (Cheetos, obviously). Through her Dadybones collection,  Abbey reminds us to make sure to have fun in this life, and always, always bring snacks. Below, we talk to her about picking favorites, traveling the world, and dropping dead one year at Coachella.

So where’d the name Dadybones come from?

Dadybones came from The Nightmare Before Christmas… sort of. Jack calls himself “bone daddy,” and it was a weird thing that I guess stuck with me.

Why “Dady” not “Daddy”—and does it even matter?

Lol. When I was making an Instagram, “daddy bones” was taken by a bad-ass biker dude with a handlebar mustache. His wife was “mama bones.”

Favorite piece of clothing or outfit growing up:

Oh, boy. I had this red shirt with white cap sleeves and glittery text on the front that said “thank god i’m cute” that I literally wore every day. WHO DID I THINK I WAS??

Senior class photo—what are you wearing?

Probably something I’d cringe at now.

High school job and your most notable memory there: 

I started modeling when I was 13 ’til I was 18, and lived in New York every summer in between high school. I’m so grateful to have gotten that opportunity to travel, meet some amazing people, and really get an idea of what else was out there.

Fashion show/designer that most sticks out in your memory, if any:

J’adie over the Viktor and Rolf SS19.

Era of fashion that inspires you most, at the moment:

Weirdly into the ’80s right now

First thing you ever made or designed: 

Hmmm… I was always making stuff! Can’t remember what came first but my mom always had the sewing machine out. That’s what I did for fun: I’d go find fabric and spend the weekend making a purse or a skirt or a coat.

Favorite snack you’ve turned into jewelry so far:

That’s like choosing a favorite child!!!

Snack you’d like to do something with but haven’t yet: 

Want to get into some candy.

Is there any snack you don’t love?

Absolutely not. All snacks welcome.

Best puffy thing in the world aside from your Puff Cases: 

My hair when I was little.

Do you ever get custom requests—and, if you do, what’s the best one you’ve gotten?

Ah hah, yes! A girl recently asked me to make a bagel purse. I’m so about it.

Most exciting moment for the Dadybones brand:

I do have a great Beyoncé story. This was years back when I was making the wire crowns. She grabbed my arm at Coachella to tell me she loved my crown. (Dead!!!) I could barely talk. She had the most angelic speaking voice! I was shocked and insisted she take the crown. She took the crown and put it on her mom whomst danced in it all night.

Three friends/ people who are the most Dadybones of them all: 

Well, first has got to be Dani Miller from Surfbort, the star earrings are practically part of her persona. All my friends rock Dadybones pretty dang hard tho!

Three other independent brands we should have on our radar:

Stickybaby, Fashion Brand Company and Male Glaze Ceramics.

If you weren’t designing, you’d be __________: 

On a boat?

Dadybones in three words:


Photos by Tyler William Parker for SIXTY Hotels



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