Josef Hoflehner: Planes and Paradise

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There are few things in this world as relaxing as a day at the beach, and few things more stressful than nearly every single aspect of traveling by plane. The gross juxtaposition of both come together in a beautiful series of black and white photographs found in Josef Hoflehner ‘s book, Jet Airliner: The Complete Works.

Featuring incredible images taken from the beach at St. Maarten in the Caribbean, Hoflehner—together, with his son, Jakob Hoflehner—spent weeks at a time during 2009 and 2011 documenting the extreme landings, massive chrome bellies of international aircrafts coming in so close so as to warrant a sign warning passerbys of dangerous jet blasts.

Two 6-by-6 Hasselblad SWC cameras meant they were allotted only one shot per landing, an occurrence that happened about five to six times a day. The results are magnificent, both powerful and playful… and proof that even paradise comes with its share of interruptions.

JetBlue Embraer 190, arriving from San Juan. Continental Airlines Boeing 737-700, arriving from Newark-Liberty. United Airlines Airbus A320-200, arriving from Washington-Dulles. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Boeing 747-400, arriving from Amsterdam-Schiphol. American Airlines Boeing 737-800, arriving from Miami International. Delta Air Lines Boeing 757-200, departing to Hartsfield - Jackson Atlanta. U.S. Airways Boeing 757-200, arriving from Charlotte-Douglas. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Boeing 747-400, arriving from Amsterdam-Schiphol.

All images courtesy of Josef Hoflehner.


Jenny Bahn

Jenny Bahn

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