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Jen Batchelor is out to dethrone booze. Her company, Kin Euphorics, founded with partner Matthew Cauble, creates adult beverages designed to “elevate your state” sans alcohol. For those of us used to reaching for a glass of wine or a tumbler full of whiskey when the day is through, this may seem like a tall order. Our “usual,” after all, is just so, well, effective. But, as it turns out, so is Kin. Designed with adaptogens, nootropics, and botanics, a glass of Kin is specifically crafted to boost your mood and enhance your perception. Sipping on a Kin High Rhode cocktail or Kin Spritz you feel like you, only, if you’ll allow us to invent a word, blissier.

After leaving her career in the health world and before launching Kin, Batchelor studied Ayurveda and Vedic psychology. She was particularly interested in addictive behavior and our relationship with what we consume. Alcohol became a point of focus, both broadly within culture and specific to her own life. Batchelor recognized how drinking brought positive things into a person’s world (socializing with friends, for instance) but it became harder for her to square the negatives. Kin was born to provide a solution: a path to feeling good… without all the bad stuff.

As culture becomes increasingly obsessed with wellness, alcohol feels less and less aligned with a healthy lifestyle. Martinis might look chic, but tomorrow’s inevitable hangover? Hardly. And while there are certainly committed and effective teetotalers out there, happy to calm their minds and transform their attitudes with cerebral practices like meditation, the bulk of us sometimes requires something a little easier to take the edge off. Kin provides easy access to a shifted state. Happiness in a glass? Make it a double.

Below, we saddle up to the bar with Batchelor to talk an unforgettable sandbar fête, a city of ultimate possibility, and an expanded definition of what well-being really means.

Place of origin: 

Saudi Arabia by way of Miami, Florida.

Place of residence: 

Brooklyn this week, L.A. next.

First job you ever had and your most notable memory there:

In the bakery of Ben & Bob’s Grocery in Weston, Florida.  I’ll never forget the moment I was schooled by a woman looking for matzah, who I proceeded to parade down the cold-packed aisle only to hand her a pound of our freshest mozzarella cheese, beaming—me, not her. Having grown up in KSA, I had never heard of matzah. It did not end well.

What did your parents do for work? Were they involved in the food/beverage worlds? 

Sort of. Growing up, my dad was an aircraft mechanic but he kept a home brewery in his spare time. And he was good at it. He made everything from wine and beer to siddique, a desert moonshine popular amongst expats and Bedouins. My mom was a desert diamond dealer—Qaisumah diamonds, native to Arabian desert.It was just the three of us until my brother arrived on the scene, and then we all got our act together!

Quote to live by:

“Yoga-sthaḥ kuru karmāṇi,” which is the heart of the Gita. It effectively means: Know thyself, then perform action without attachment to the results. It serves as a constant reminder to me to never act unintentionally, and to always honor the ruthless pursuit of self-awareness so I can impact the world from a place of equanimity and selflessness.

Best party you’ve ever been to:

Yes! So glad you asked this. Every party I go to lately seems to be better than the last. In fact, I actually just got back from one such event. It was my friend Courtney’s wedding—she’s the founder of AKUA, a sustainable kelp jerky company poised to disrupt how the world snacks. She and her now hubby Yann popped up a full dance party on a sandbar off the coast of Arrabida in Lisbon, Portugal. We took catamarans out to this abandoned sea floor and turned it into a sandy disco, complete with subwoofers, proper decks for the DJ, and plenty of jamón ibérico to keep us fueled well into the golden hour.

Your idea of a perfect evening: 

My perfect evening involves candles, a hammam or a hot bath, and an ice cold Kin Spritz to clear my head and energize for a fun night out at a New York comedy or jazz club, followed by a dinner at my favorite little neighborhood haunt, St. Anselm. More Kin. Then a concert at Brooklyn Steel and/or dancing the night away at Elsewhere or Nowadays. If I’m still rising up and Kin lit, I’d wind down with a walk along the boardwalk at Domino Park or on the beach literally anywhere else.


Moment in your life you’ve felt most euphoric, sans Kin:

Any concert I’ve ever been to. Music is very electrifying for me on its own—the kind that envelopes your body space. That, and the last time I fell in love.

What does well-being mean to you?

Well-being means to be well within. It means a healthy relationship to spirit and a clean vessel for which to move through. It’s cultivating grace and humility in a way that’s nourishing, not depleting, and then being surrounded to people who reflect that light back to you.

How has New York informed or inspired the Kin brand?

New York is a place of ultimate possibility and unlimited options. The creatives here are on fire right now. The brand has definitely been energized by this and vice a versa.

Stereotype about New York that isn’t true:

New Yorkers don’t dance.

Stereotype about New York that, well, probably is true:

New Yorkers don’t dance just anywhere… they need to catch a vibe.

Where do you go for inspiration, peace of mind?

Church, aka the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

Best piece of advice you’ve ever received:

Stay the course. When you launch a brand, you will get more opinions than encouragement. Stay focused on your core vision.

Alright. Lastly. Set the stage. You’ve got a glass of Kin in your hand. Where are you? Who are you with? What are you listening to? Where are you going next?

I’m backstage at the last show of Warpaint and MGMT’s tour. Webster Hall. I’m with Shaina Gilstrap, our BX (brand experience) Director. We’re in the green room shaking up the bliss for the musicians, their SOs, and tour team. We’re listening to the band discuss set lists and playing old vinyls. Next we’re going up to the balcony to watch our favorite bands put on the best show of all time, disco ball straight ahead. This was a few weeks ago. Pure bliss.

Photos courtesy of Atisha Paulson for SIXTY Hotels



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