The Interrogator with Fashion Blogger Negin Mirsalehi

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There are people out there in the world that make dressing look effortless, no matter what the occasion. Amsterdam-based fashion blogger Negin Mirsalehi falls into that category. Whether she’s traveling the globe for fashion week or taking a hike in the Netherlandish woods, Mirsalehi looks fashionably fit for the task. Adding just enough primp and polish to every outfit, Mirsalehi is living proof that a bit of effort really does goes the distance. While in the midst of the harried rush that is New York Fashion Week, we sat down to ask this fashionable influencer a few questions, Interrogator style.

Place of residence:


Current occupation:

Fashion Blogger/Entrepreneur

What do you want to be when you grow up?

I am really happy that I’m able to say I’m doing what I want to do already!

Quote to live by:

“Eventually all the dots will connect”—Steve Jobs

I’ve looked up to and admired the wisdom of the late Steve Jobs and find his words to be the ones I want to live by. You have to trust that it will all turn out okay in the end, even if something scares you, just believe everything will work out.

First job you ever had:

I was a waitress in a Chinese restaurant. I liked it because I like interacting with people and being on my feet.

Least favorite part of your day:

The morning for sure. I like to stay up late, whether I’m watching a movie or out with friends to eat dinner and have drinks, it’s hard to feel motivated to wake up after a fun night of socializing. There is also the time difference factor because we do a lot of business with New York, so being six hours ahead means we sometimes have to stay up late to talk.

Windows down, the song you’re playing is:

I love Coldplay. It’s hard to choose one song but “The Scientist” is definitely a favorite. I try to only sing along if no one else is in the car because I’ve been told I’m not really that good at singing. So I will stick with fashion!

Three guilty pleasures:

I don’t know if there is much I truly feel guilty about, but belting out Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” is definitely one. Also, I tend to sneak into the kitchen and eat Nutella straight from the jar with a spoon. It’s just so good I can’t help myself sometimes! I would also consider my ability to quote every episode of Sex and the City a guilty pleasure because I love that show so much, but am kind of embarrassed at how well I’ve memorized the dialogue. There could be worse things!

If you had to watch one movie on repeat for eternity, what would it be?

I’m not big on watching movies more than once, but if I do it has to be super funny. I like laughing! Something like There’s Something About Mary. I love Cameron Diaz!

You have a million dollars to spend on art, you buy…

I’ve never really gotten into collecting art, but if we were going to invest it would be in photography because that is such an important part of my work. We have this exhibition in Amsterdam called the “Unseen Photo Fair” that focuses on discovering new photographers as well as celebrating established ones, and it’s something I really enjoy going to.

You have a night on the town with your favorite style icon. Who is it, where do you go, and what do you wear?

One of my style icons is Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. To me, she is the epitome of intellect, class, and style. I’d probably want to spend the day sailing with her and talking. Since we both admire European designers–like Chanel and Dior–I’d probably wear some form of white dress or nautical-inspired clothing.

The perfect New York City day means a stop at _______ for lunch,_______ for shopping, and_______ for a drink:

The Butcher’s Daughter for lunch. It’s an awesome juice bar and cafe with so many great healthy options! Saks or SoHo for shopping. There is this great store called Creatures of Comfort in SoHo that I have to visit every time I’m in New York, but I always have a tough time deciding what to buy because there are too many choices. Then to Pravda for a drink. I just love the romantic atmosphere of this underground bar and the menu is quite extensive so I always try something new.

Style ethos:

I firmly believe that you should wear things that make you feel comfortable, confident, and happy. How you feel is really the most important thing.

Plane, train, or automobile for a road trip?

Definitely a car. A Citroën 2cv to be specific, especially in the summer when I like to travel around with friends and loved ones. It’s so classic and adds a little something special to the adventure.

What is your favorite road trip?

I love the South of France. Driving along the coast, seeing the Mediterranean Sea and enjoying the sunshine, it’s hard to not be full of happiness when you’re there.

Personal travel ethos:

For me, it’s all about eating healthy and staying hydrated to keep myself balanced when I’m away from home. If I don’t fuel my body properly then the jet lag will really get me.

Drink of choice:

Water. Is that boring? Also a good caramel latte never fails.

Beach house or tree house:

A tree house at the beach.

Where was the best meal you ever had and what was it?

I’ve eaten at so many great places, but the first thing that comes to my mind is Koi in Bryant Park. I had the best creamy rock shrimp tempura I’ve ever eaten in my life. Definitely a game changer.

What is the best news you ever received?

I’d say it’s a tie between hearing that I passed my thesis and winning the Marie Claire “Prix de la Mode” for Best New Media Talent. The first one was a mixture of elation and relief, and the second was just pure joy and it really gave me the confidence to keep pursuing my dreams.

Who or what is largely overrated? Explain.

I think that eating healthy all the time can be kind of overrated. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a strong advocate for eating well and taking care of your body, but it’s nice to indulge every now and then. I mean, I can’t imagine never eating french fries again or completely giving up chocolate. You have to enjoy things, not torture yourself. It’s all about the balance.

Briefly describe the best concert you have ever gone to.

I haven’t really gone to many concerts, but there is this great indie rock Dutch band called Kensington that I try to see live whenever I hear they’re performing.

Where do you go for inspiration, peace of mind?

Growing up, my dad was a beekeeper so I spent a lot of time in his garden where he worked. I still like going back there because I have so many fond memories and it’s so tranquil. It’s the best during the summertime because my whole family gets together and enjoys each other’s company outdoors, reconnecting with nature. It’s the perfect place to be with others or by myself and I always leave calmer and inspired.

Photo via Negin Mirsalehi



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