The Interrogator with Danny Agnew

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The internet abounds with guidance for all the gents out there who want to know what they should be wearing, listening to, where they should be going for dinner, vacations. Those who transmit this valuable information are the go-betweens, the cultural aficionados who are able to digest what’s out there, separating the wheat from the chaff, if you will.

One such man is Danny Agnew, New York Editor and Style Director over at InsideHook, which recently made Business Insider’s “The 22 Websites Every Modern Gentleman Should Bookmark” list, along with the likes of GQ and Mr. Porter. Every day, Hook delivers what the boys need to know in a tight and tidy package–not too much, not too little, just right. In the world of oversaturated content, it’s a hyper-edit of gadgets, girls, trends, and–yes–even whether or not a turtleneck is in your sartorial future.

We put Agnew to task with our Interrogator questionnaire to find out about video store gigs, a favorite 2006 nostalgia track, and the zen of mindless Tinder swipes. For you Danny, we’re goin’ right.

Place of residence:

Williamsburg, BK

Current occupation:

NY Editor, Style Director at InsideHook

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Super duper eccentric

Quote to live by:

“Take it easy, but take it.” – Woody Guthrie

First job you ever had:

Video store clerk at Video Visions in Denver. Still might be the best job I’ve ever had.

Least favorite part of your day:

Lunch. I loathe figuring out what to eat. Someone make a pill already.

Windows down, the song you’re playing is:

Still have a soft spot for “Lazy Eye” by Silversun Pickups. Good memories.

Three guilty pleasures:

Sons of Anarchy, stupid tattoos, and McDonald’s breakfast.

If you had to watch one movie on repeat for eternity, what would it be?

Either Dazed and Confused or Point Break.

You have a million dollars to spend on art, you buy…

A boatload of different stuff from lesser-known (see: cheaper) artists whose work speaks to me. Probably a large amount of taxidermy.

Plane, train, or automobile for a road trip?


What IS your favorite road trip?

Don’t care where so long as the traveling companion is down for adventure/shenanigans.

Personal travel ethos:

Go with the flow. Get a tan. Give something away. Repeat.

Drink of choice:

At the moment, anything with Mezcal in it.

Beach house or tree house:

Is there a reason these must be mutually exclusive? A zipline into the ocean would be amazing.

Where was the best meal you ever had and what was it?

I cannot for the life of me remember the rest of the meal, but the first time I tried creme brulee I was in Paris as a little kid and I was like “What the f**k is this and why have you people been withholding it from me??”

What is the best news you ever received?

I was too young to know it at the time, but when my brother was born.

Who or what is largely overrated? Explain.

This is gonna sound oddly specific, but I’ve recently discovered that Ridley Scott is a sleeper hack. If you don’t count American Gangster, the guy hasn’t made a good movie in like over a decade. And people still get so excited to see his name attached to stuff. And you can tell him I said all this – Ridley Scott, you’re officially on notice.

Briefly describe the best concert you have ever gone to.

My dad took us to the Michael Jackson BAD tour when I was like eight years old. We sat in the tenth row or something. I remember MJ dressing up as a werewolf for “Thriller” and I was convinced he was going to crawl under the seats and get me. Have not been able to duplicate that combination of excitement, awe, and abject terror since.

Where do you go for inspiration, peace of mind?

It sounds weird, but I ride the subway. Especially the elevated lines cuz I can put on music and stare out the window and just zone out. I’ve had some of my best ideas on the subway. Or I just mindlessly Tinder swipe until inspiration strikes.

Photo by Atisha Paulson.

Jenny Bahn

Jenny Bahn

Jenny Bahn is a writer and editor based in Brooklyn, specializing in music, fashion, the arts, and culture, both high and low. Her work has been featured in Cereal, Lenny Letter, and more.