The Interrogator with The Coveteur’s Jake Rosenberg

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Stoking the fires of our collective cravings since 2011, The Coveteur has quickly become one of the most exceptional fashion blogs out there. Founded by Jake Rosenberg, Stephanie Mark, and Erin Kleinberg, the site dives deep into the closets of some of the world’s prominent tastemakers. With a pop and a flash (and a red lip or two), The Coveteur makes good on its promise: You always walk away wanting something.

Bright and distinct, a large part of The Coveteur’s magic is in its photography, the look of which Jake Rosenberg provides. His aesthetic is distinct and clean, every heel and handbag popping with a candy-coated sheen, every image representing a candid, casual glamour that makes the good life look accessible.

Taking a break from his whirlwind, around-the-world schedule, Mr. Rosenberg goes to town on our Interrogator questionnaire, sharing with us a love for movie theater snacks, Neil Young songs, and the best meal you can get in Buenos Aires.

Jake Rosenberg

Place of residence:

Above the clouds // Toronto, Canada

Current occupation:

Co-founder, Creative Director, Photographer. The Coveteur Inc.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

A father

Quote to live by:

“It’s better to burn out, than to fade away.” — Neil Young, “My My, Hey Hey”

First job you ever had:


Least favorite part of your day:

Undecided. Each day is new.

Windows down, the song you’re playing is:

“Everybody Knows This is Nowhere” by Neil Young

Three guilty pleasures:

Popcorn, popcorn, popcorn.

If you had to watch one movie on repeat for eternity, what would it be?

Gangs of New York

You have a million dollars to spend on art, you buy…

Ansel Adams, Avedon, Herb Ritts, Arthur Elgort…

Plane, train or automobile for a road trip?


What IS your favorite road trip?

New Zealand, but I have never done it so I don’t know for sure.

Personal travel ethos:


Drink of choice:

Fortaleza Repesado, neat

Beach house or tree house:


Where was the best meal you ever had and what was it?

Way too hard to say, but La Cabrera in Buenos Aires was brilliant. Steak and wine.

What is the best news you ever received?

My sister is having twins. (Heard it last week.)

Who or what is largely overrated. Explain.


Briefly describe the best concert you have ever gone to.

My brother playing guitar in my backyard in the summer. Always reminds me how nice it is to be home with my family.

Where do you go for inspiration, peace of mind?

Family, nature, vintage mags, Instagram, and MUSIC. Also closing your eyes underwater. Love how silent it is. Helps me think sometimes.

Photo courtesy of Jake Rosenberg

Jenny Bahn

Jenny Bahn

Jenny Bahn is a writer and editor based in Brooklyn, specializing in music, fashion, the arts, and culture, both high and low. Her work has been featured in Cereal, Lenny Letter, and more.