Cyndi Ramirez’s Guide to Art Basel

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Self-care is having a moment. And given the state of the things — political turmoil, social discord, environmental crises of potentially apocalyptic proportions — you can see why. There is an argument to be made that the first step in changing what’s going on without is by changing what’s happening within. When the plane’s going down, after all, you must affix your own oxygen mask before helping your neighbor. All of which is to say: if life is an airplane, NYC’s Chillhouse is the oxygen mask — that source of inner calm and well-being that hopefully extends to the world beyond.

So how exactly does Chillhouse create this necessary environment of, for lack of a better word, chill? For founder Cyndi Ramirez, it’s a threefold approach: a cafe, nail salon, and body shop (read: treatments and massage) on the Lower East Side. The cafe serves up lattes packed with ingredients you very well have never heard before — rehmannia, ashwagandha, reishi, to rattle off just a few — intended to bring you up or calm you down. Chillhouse Nails churns out manis and pedis using only non-toxic products, while the Chillhouse Body program offers massages like the Stretch Armstrong (for athletes) and the Chill Pill (for seekers of zen). If it all sounds a little me me me, that’s the point. Self-care is an inward, admittedly indulgent affair. But one with the best intentions.

Chillhouse aspires to be the calm in the eye of the storm, the little piece of heaven one seeks out for themselves. And so it’s a very good thing they’ll be decamping to Nautilus, a SIXTY Hotel during Miami Art Week once again. Between the parties and the fairs and the dinners and the drinks, their pop-up at Nauti Grind will serve as ground zero for much necessary regroups. Bring a friend–or, better yet, come alone to catch up on some “you time.” Below Cyndi walks us through what this year’s Chillhouse takeover will entail and shares her tips on selective partying and Pop Art manicures.

Alright. So tell me what to expect from this year’s Chillhouse takeover of Nauti Grind.

Alright! SIXTY guests can expect a similar activation with some slight edits to our cafe, nail menu, and shop. We just launched SHOP CHILL, a curation of goods that make you feel good, and we’ll be displaying and selling those at the Nauti Grind as well. Definitely follow us on the ‘gram to keep up with any updates as they arise.

How’s the last year gone since we last caught up? Big things for Chillhouse?

It’s been SO BUSY! In the best way possible. We’ve celebrated so many milestones, from the launch of our editorial site The Chill Times, to the relaunch of our web environment, which introduced an online shop. We’re gearing up for even more exciting launches in 2019, which may be too soon to share but we’re itching to. Soon!

Chillhouse products you’ll be packing in your carry-on to bring to Miami Art Week:

Supergoop SPF primer, Gua Sha, Binchotan Eye Mask.

Window or aisle?

Window, always.

Shaken or stirred?

Stirred, always.

How many hours you normally sleep:

7 to 7.5.

How many hours you expect to be sleeping during Miami Art Week:

7 to 7.5.

No difference? You champ. Please explain.

This will be my seventh year heading to Art Basel. I don’t plan on spending too much time partying. I’m there to work and mingle with good friends — and maybe meet some new ones. But, for the most part, my downtime will be spent in the sun and away from the noise. And, of course, chillin’ with customers at our Nautilus pop-up.

Best place to grab lunch during Miami Art Week:

Michael’s Genuine.

South Beach or Wynwood?

South Beach.

Miami restaurant you’re dying to try:

Swan Miami looks pretty chic! I’ll be heading there for a brunch with Beefeater Gin and am quite excited! Wherever Pharrell is, I’m there.

Store you’ll hit up that isn’t Chillhouse:

The Webster forever.

Miami Art Week fair you’ll definitely be hitting:

Loved NADA last year but am always most blown away by Untitled.

Contemporary artist we should have on our radar:

I’m a huge fan of Sarah Bahbah, which I know Nautilus displayed last year in the lobby, as well as Chloe Wise. I’ll be on the hunt for female artists this year, for sure.

Chillhouse manicure you’ll be sporting all week:

Our Lichtenstein design, inspired by… YOU GUESSED IT.

Self-care during Miami Art Week is _________.

Making time to soak in the sun, get in a workout or a massage, and hydrating like crazy. And for God’s sake, don’t try to make it to all the parties. Oftentimes, they’re not worth it.

Photos by Atisha Paulson for SIXTY Hotels



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