SIXTY Listens: Holly Herndon “Eternal”

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A fair warning: if you don’t enjoy the jazz-inspired lyrical stylings of, say, Dirty Projectors, and you’ve always found Enya to be a little too ethereal for your tastes, you very well might not enjoy Holly Herndon’s latest track, “Eternal,” off of her PROTO album. If you do like to challenge the parameters of your taste, however, you’d be wise to sink into this one for a minute. Every now and again, a sound comes along that feels so fully immersive it cannot be denied. (Think every track on James Blake’s self-titled 2011 album.) Herndon, who is currently studying composition at Stanford University, used A.I. in her creation of PROTO. The process involved filtering her own vocals through the A.I. to create a version of herself that is both her and, well, “It.” All of this is to say: “Eternal” is exceptionally interesting. Have a listen.



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