The History of Milton Glaser’s ‘I ❤ NY’

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It’s on coffee cups, t-shirts, pencils. It brands cabs and buses. It’s one of New York City’s most ubiquitous symbols. Celebrated graphic designer Milton Glaser’s ‘I ❤ NY’ slogan is an example of advertising transcending the bounds of its original aim. What was intended to be a brief campaign rousing local spirits has become a beloved international symbol that encapsulates New York City and the people who love it. But don’t take our word for it. In this video, directed by Andre Andreev for Dress Code, Glaser narrates his own experience as a New Yorker, and how that experience led to the creation of ‘I ❤ NY.’ Have a watch.

Header image: Milton Glaser I (Heart) NY concept sketch, 1976. Courtesy of the artist and MoMA.



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