Hannah Pierce-Carlson’s Candid Miami

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We love the art deco, windswept shores of South Beach as much as the next person (happily home to SIXTY’s soon-to-open Nautilus South Beach, by the way), but sometimes it’s refreshing to look beyond the glitz and glam, assessing a city from a more candid, personal perspective… which is precisely what photographer Hannah Pierce-Carlson manages to do in her series of images, titled “Miami Efemero.” Featuring scenes from the ordinary day-to-day, each image is an honest, unpretentious moment in time. It is a frame-by-frame homage to the lesser seen Florida, one that you might not be familiar with if you’ve just passed through, but one that speaks to the city as a living, breathing place.

25_restuarant 650_v2

25_tropical 650_v2

25_reflection 650_v2

25_present 650_v2

Photos courtesy of Hannah Pierce-Carlson



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