Playlist: DJ Alex Fever’s Miami Art Week Warmup

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NADA. SCOPE. Context. Art Basel. The cultural juggernaut that is Miami Art Week kicks off next Thursday, December 6 — which means it’s just a matter of days before South Beach and its surrounds flood with the international art set. Expect jaw-dropping works, interesting discussions, and more than a few envy-inducing fetes. As always, we’ll be holding it down at Nautilus, a SIXTY Hotel. Do stop by.

Until then, we’ve got a playlist to get you in the mood, and it comes courtesy of resident Nautilus DJ Alex Fever. Born and raised in Cuba, Fever has been posted up in Miami for the last fifteen years. In addition to Nautilus, you can find him behind the decks at Bagatelle, SLS Hide, and The Warth, to name just a few. But don’t let us hog the mic. You can learn more about Fever in his own words below. Read on — and then press play.

So what got you into music?

I come from a long line of musicians from both sides of my family, so choosing a musical career came naturally.

What was the first album you ever purchased?

Back when CDs where still a thing, I would take weekly trips to El Museo Del Disco in South Miami and purchase an array of albums from different genres. If I remember correctly, my first purchase was Irakere’s 2005 album, Tropiteca.

What was your first big investment as a DJ?

A pair of beat-up JBL speakers and Technics players I found on Craigslist in order to throw parties back in high school.

What was your first DJ gig in Miami?

Unpaid: A sweet sixteen somewhere in Hialeah — or, how we like to call it, North Cuba. Paid: At a now-defunct nightclub called Nocturnal.

Album you’re currently very into right now:

I wouldn’t say an album, since most artists nowadays come out with singles instead. However Daniel Caesar, Ellie Mal, H.E.R, and Khalid are artists who are constantly putting incredible work out. These cats have found the recipe on how to incorporate a little bit of the old-school into their new work. It’s truly incredible.

What do you bring to the table at Nautilus?

Part of being a good DJ is having an identity, a sound you can relate to, a vibe you are able to recreate every time you play. In the DJ world today, anyone can buy a laptop, get a subscription to a record pool service and start playing the same songs as everyone else — but it is how you play those same songs that make you different. In my case, being able to identify the crowd, setting up the correct ambiance for such, and playing to their musical needs is what makes me different.

Where we’re most likely to find you when you’re not at Nautilus:

Miami is such a broad city with so much to do. The possibilities are endless. From having a cigar in Little Havana, riding my bicycle through Key Biscayne, having oysters at Monty’s in Coconut Grove. There is always something new and exciting to do.

The recipe for a perfect day/night in Miami:

Start out your day with a cup of Cuban coffee. Head over to Enriqueta’s in Midtown for a delicious Latin breakfast. Afterwards, make your way to Little Havana’s Ball and Chain, where you can drink a delicious mojito while listening to the best local musicians the city has to offer. Once you’re done there, it is time to get some light lunch at Monty’s in South Beach and hit the water right after. Wake up from your afternoon nap, drink some more Cuban coffee, put on your dancing shoes and let the night take you in.

Any other places for our readers to find you?

You can head over to and check my monthly calendar of events, from the Sunday brunch at the Nautilus Cabana Club, to a swim club party at Hyde Beach Miami, to a French dinner followed by house music beats at Bagatelle Miami Beach.

Photo courtesy of Matte Projects for SIXTY Hotels



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