The Underground: Kat Irlin’s Guide to NYC

Photographer Kat Irlin possess the sort of soft, feminine eye capable of singlehandedly transforming a city made of concrete and steel. Through her lens, Irlin documents life in New York with her signature perspective, frame by frame. It’s the type of perspective that connects so well with so many...

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NYC’s Ultimate Summer Sail

If UB40’s “Red Red Wine” playing on the speakers overhead doesn’t get you in the summer spirit, we don’t know what will. Manhattan by Sail’s Clipper City cruise is an excellent way to see the city from an alternative perspective. One can only fully soak in the absurd grandeur...

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The Underground: Kalen Hollomon’s Guide To People Watching

Using a combination of collage, photography, and a little bit of Photoshop, Hollomon creates mixed media images rife with a wicked sense of humor, tongue always planted firmly in cheek. Despite its irreverence, the goal goes deeper. “I am always concerned with what lies beneath the surface. I hope...

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Block Party: Orchard Street, Manhattan

Hey, the more you know. In the early 19th century, trees were traded in for tenements, where a host of hardships awaited hundreds of thousands of immigrants over the next hundred some-odd years. That is, of course, until gentrification eventually crept in around the early aughts and slammed into...

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Block Party: Downtown LA’s Arts District

For too long, the eastern-most, industrial side of Downtown was dubbed “up-and-coming,” but these days as new restaurants and shops pop up faster than the cylinders on a vintage cafe racer, the neighborhood appears to have finally reached critical mass. While million dollar lofts and rumors brewing of ultra-exclusive...

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