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SIXTY Eats: Nolita’s Estela

Two bites into dinner at Estela, one of East Houston’s most welcome additions to the neighborhood, it has been decided: This place is perfect. Striking a balance between remarkable food and a relaxed atmosphere, and run by a friendly staff who knows their stuff (but doesn’t make you feel...

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The Los Angeles Lobster Roll Crawl

“Lobsters mate for life” (just like wolves and gibbons), or so says the commonly believed axiom. Well, myth buster mates: unlike their furry friends, lobsters are more into one-time things if you catch our oceanic drift–which, no judgment, to each anthropoid their own. However, if we have any sign that these...

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SIXTY Eats: Monkey Bar

What does one do when they tire of the charming tin ceilings and worn wooden floors that have become so ubiquitous in the New York downtown and Brooklyn dining scenes? You look to the past, of course, and head uptown, where tablecloths are still white, the brass is gleaming,...

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The Return of Empire Diner

Despite the fact the iconic Empire Diner takes up what is now a quite valuable piece of real estate on the edges of Chelsea, the establishment remains a stronghold in the neighborhood. It has gone through multiple transformations since its 1946 inception, yo-yoing between abandonment and resurrection over the...

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SIXTY Eats: Charlie Bird

It’s 5:17 on a rather blustery day in New York; patience is no small feat. But, as many can well attest, a true testament to a new restaurant is always the absurd willingness of its guests to wait… whether the restaurant is opened or not. And wait we will....

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Navy: A Street Urchin Worth Adopting

In a sea of waxing and then waning French bistros and Northern Italian cafes that roll in waves upon downtown Manhattan’s shores, there’s a refreshing air to Navy, a newish neighborhood joint on SoHo’s still-sleepy Sullivan Street. A few month’s in, it already has its sea legs. No surprise,...

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