Through the Eyes of Davi Russo

Davi Russo sees New York in the way only a person who has lived here his whole life can. The moments he captures are small, taken from a distance that encapsulates the whole scene. They are nuanced to the point of mistaken insignificance, but through every sweat-streaked mirror, every...

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Celebrating the Irrational with Artist Zeren Badar

Tongue planted firmly in cheek, Turkish-born New York-based artist Zeren Badar recreates classical work with a pop-worthy irreverence. His “Accident Series”–aptly named, given its genesis, but we’ll get to that later–became something of an Internet sensation last year, when the image doyens at Tumblr scooped up one of his...

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Rae Morris “Do You Even Know?”

The beautifully affected, hyper-stylized video for Rae Morris’ “Do You Even Know?” brings to mind the fashionably awkward (though less ’80s gauche) posturing of Guy Bourdin. Directed by Nadia Marquard Otzen, previously responsible for Niki and the Dove’s excellent video for “Tomorrow,” the shoot conveys the paralyzing discomfort of being...

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The Underground: Kalen Hollomon’s Guide To People Watching

Using a combination of collage, photography, and a little bit of Photoshop, Hollomon creates mixed media images rife with a wicked sense of humor, tongue always planted firmly in cheek. Despite its irreverence, the goal goes deeper. “I am always concerned with what lies beneath the surface. I hope...

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