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SIXTY Reads: Lee Friedlander’s “The Little Screens”

With the entire proverbial world available on our smartphones, libraries of books housed within thin slabs of metal and LED, it’s easy to forget the era when the television reigned as the dominant medium through which information was handed to us—not conveniently a la carte like today, of course,...

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SIXTY Sees: Nobuyoshi Araki’s “Love On the Left Eye”

Known for his deftly artful erotic photography, Nobuyoshi Araki recently experienced what one imagines to be an artist’s worst nightmare: loss of vision. A retinal artery obstruction back in October claimed sight from his right eye. But one man’s seemingly catastrophic loss is another’s creative gain. In his latest...

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Robert Longo’s “Gang of Cosmos” at Metro Pictures

Robert Longo is a rare commodity in an age where most artists of his stature often become more consumed by the business of art rather than the process of physically making it. Longo epitomizes what a successful artist should be: he is a perfectionist, he executes his art with methodical precision around...

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“8 ½” Meets SIXTY Collective

The official poster of the 67th Cannes Film Festival, which just bowed, took the face of style and movie icon Marcello Mastroianni as its black-and-white image mascot (the poster image is a still from Federico Fellini’s 8 ½, which was the festival’s Official Selection in ’63). And wouldn’t you...

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Tim Barber’s “Relations”

Young New York photographers often find themselves documenting life with a sort of blunt honesty, a creative and compulsory obligation to a city that is, despite the proliferation of Starbucks and Anthropologies, still a gritty enough place. The results are often a grainy, almost forced-upon madness, where kids are...

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