Ciara LaVelle

Block Party: Miami’s Coral Gables

If you’re into sports, you might know Coral Gables best as the home of the University of Miami and its headline-grabbing football and basketball teams. But there’s a lot more to the City Beautiful–Coral Gables’ official nickname, given to it by visionary city planner George Merrick way back in...

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In the Studio with Emmett Moore

To the untrained eye, Miami can look like a tacky place. The flashy nightclubs and the retro neon signs of South Beach; the bright, blinding colors of Little Havana and Little Haiti; the McMansions peppering the landscape from Aventura to Coral Gables can all convince visitors from more reserved...

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5 Miami Museums That Are Far From Ordinary

May is Museum Month in Miami, with dozens of South Florida institutions offering discounts on admission and membership. With “buy one, get one” ticket prices and a “join one, see them all” offer on the table, it’s easy to get acquainted with the history and culture of the Magic...

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Block Party: Miami’s MiMo District

Until recently, Miami’s MiMo District was known primarily for its once-thriving motels from the 1950s and ’60s, which languished for decades along a stretch of Biscayne Boulevard. But in recent years, MiMo–short for “Miami Modern,” itself a reference to the confluence of architectural styles that characterize the area–has undergone a...

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In Conversation with PAMM’s Franklin Sirmans

Miami’s cultural scene isn’t as big or as well known as those of New York, Chicago, or even Los Angeles, where several South Florida artists have moved to further their careers in recent years. But as the arts in Miami have grown and developed, the city has become a...

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