A Manu Gavassi Guide to NYFW

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New York Fashion Week is a demanding—and rewarding—stretch of seven days. Just ask Manu Gavassi. The Brazilian singer, songwriter, actress, and burgeoning young fashion icon is currently in the middle of it, running on all cylinders while she uses SIXTY SoHo as her home base. When she’s not front-row at fashion shows, she’s running around Manhattan checking out the hot spots—and looking good doing it. Below, Gavassi was kind enough to give us a glimpse into what this season’s NYFW looks like, with her recommendations on everything from destination distraction shopping to wind-down drinks.

Actress Manu Gavassi sitting on a bench in front of a city basketball court

Photo courtesy of @manugavassi via Instagram.

Day typically starts at:

9 a.m.

Day typically ends at:

8 p.m.

Start the day with:

Breakfast at SIXTY SoHo

What do you order?

Oatmeal with bananas

Midday coffee at:

Whitney Museum

Phrase you’re most likely to be heard saying this week:

“Work is done. Let’s go have a burger.”

Lunch at:

Bar Pitti

Distraction shopping at:

Vintage stores in Brooklyn

Wind-down drink at:

The Four Horsemen

What do you order?

Wine, of course!

Late night, friends can find you at:

Broadway—crying during a musical!

Song of the season:

“Day 1” by HONNE. So good!

Show you’re most looking forward to see:

Anna Sui’s fashion show, but—since we are in New York—I also love to just watch people on the street. They inspire me!

Photos courtesy of @manugavassi via Instagram



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