Make Believe x Dude Skywalker Art Basel Playlist

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The art has been hung, the installations installed. Nautilus is officially ready to welcome you to Miami Art Week. This year, we’ve got a special new addition to the program. Make Believe, our transportive lounge and nightlife concept at SIXTY LES, will be settling in for a five-day pop-up.

To set the perfect mood, Make Believe’s Thatcher Schultz and Jack Mulqueen have put local DJ duo Dude Skywalker in charge of the sound. Alex Borges and Fabio Galarce, both Miami-raised with some varying degrees of Cuban roots, met ten years ago when they were college students. Dude Skywalker was born in 2012. Borges and Galarce have spent the last six years honing an eclectic sound.  They spin space-funk and disco, hip hop and soul. Then they throw in some deep house and techno for good measure and—voila— a packed dance floor.

To give you a taste of the vibe, they’ve made you this extra special Make Believe x Miami Art Week playlist, which you can scroll to below. But, before you listen, read a bit about the boys.

What got you into music?

Alex: My parents are huge music fans. Growing up, my father would always introduce me to new styles of electronic music. From Chicago house to heavy trance, he loves it all, and loves to share it with me.

Fabio: I was always obsessed with music. In high school, I was very much into punk rock, that led to indie rock and then indie dance in my early college days. Once I discovered underground dance music I was hooked. My love for partying mixed with my desire to share beautiful music with people who want to let go on the dance floor.

What was the first album you ever purchased?

Alex: Mathew Johnson’s Freedom Engine. It’s only a two-track EP, but it’s my favorite record and I still own it ’til this day.

Fabio: A 311 311 cassette tape.

What was your first big investment as a DJ?

Alex: I used all the money I had saved for college and bought myself a Pioneer DJM-400, two CDJ-900s, and a pair of KRK 8 monitors. Still don’t regret it.

Fabio: Virtual DJ and a small controller. Alex actually spilled his drink on it at a house party while DJing. It was a good party.

Any DJs or musicians you admired growing up?

Alex: Mathew Johnson, Maceo Plex, LCD Soundsystem, The Presets, Girl Talk, and Outkast, to name a few. I enjoyed all kinds of music growing up. I still try and always keep an open mind.

Fabio: The Mars Volta and Hot Chip. Biggest DJ influence growing up was a Girl Talk show we attended in college.

What was your first DJ gig in Miami?

Our first show was at Bardot Miami. It was our favorite place to play in the city for years, and with the help of our good friend David Sinopli, we managed to get a residency there and played until the venue closed in 2016.

Album you’re currently very into right now and why:

Alex: I’ve currently been listening to a lot of music coming from the label Disco Halal. It’s a Tel Aviv-based crew with desert-inspired sounds that take me back to Burning Man a few months ago.

What do you bring to the table at Make Believe’s parties:

We bring a fun, tasteful vibe with eclectic styles of music that keep people dancing.

Where are we most likely to find you hanging around at in Miami?

You will always find us eating Cuban food at Enriquetas.

The recipe for a perfect day/night in Miami:

Alex: Relax by the pool and enjoy the waves during the day. Set off to Wynwood for trouble at night.

Fabio: Wake up. Exercise. Hit the beach. Take a siesta. Enjoy a nice dinner. Bar hop. Repeat.

Where else are you spinning in the near future?

We always look forward to our MIKI BEACH closing party at Electric Pickle. It’s the last big rave before the weekend is over and people really party with everything they’ve got. We organize it with our Burning Man camp so the people are awesome and it’s good vibes all around.

What you’re looking forward to most this Miami Art Week? 

The marathon. Our schedule is non-stop. We go all-out this week. It’s an excellent cherry to top our year to hang out and party with friends from all over the world in our hometown.

Photo courtesy of @dudeskywalker_ via Instagram



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