6 Must-Try Vegetarian Restaurants in Miami

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It seems light years ago that vegetarians and their ilk were relegated to the dark and crunchy confines of the rare health food store, doomed, invariably, for a diet of carob and wheatgrass. Today, vegetables (and the people who love them) are given the royal treatment. No longer guest stars, vegetables get top billing at restaurants all over. Even the most staunchest carnivore can surely find a dish or two to satisfy their heartiest cravings. Herewith, a guide to grabbing the green, so to speak, in and around South Beach.

Under the Mango Tree

Under the Mango Tree is Miami’s quintessential juice bar (think yoga studio with hemp t-shirts and blenders.) Everything here looks great on the ‘gram, but tastes even better IRL. They’ve got the requisite acai bowls, freshly made juices and smoothies, and, if you’re in need of something that can’t be had with spoon or straw, there are a few melty sandwiches are on offer.

737 5th St, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Planta South Beach

On the other end of the spectrum, we’ve got Planta South Beach, which turns eating vegetables into a sexy, clubby affair. The space is elegant (and patchouli-free), with a seriously grown up decor. The Toronto export serves up plant-based dishes like cauliflower tots and coconut ceviche. There’s even a few convincingly non-burger burger options, if you feel so inclined.

850 Commerce St, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Lilikoi Organic Living

Brought to you by two Maui expats, Lilikoi Organic Living delivers clean eating to the shores of the Atlantic. In the morning, tuck into a quinoa waffle with a dusting of cinnamon sugar. For lunch, try the vegan kale Caesar salad. And, in between, grab a cup of the Detox Drink. Because, really, why not.

500 South Pointe Dr Ste 180, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Plant Miami

Plant Miami welcomes those with even the most restrictive modern diets. Raw? They do it. Vegan? Sure thing. Gluten-free? Not a problem. Did we mention it’s organic and kosher? Consider every box checked. Seasonal, local produce makes for dishes that sing, and the nut-based “cheeses” are divine replacements for the cow kind.

105 NE 24th St, Miami, FL 33137


DIRT touts itself as a “a farm-to-counter fast casual and wellness bar.” It’s good for you, in other words. The menu isn’t fully vegan/vegetarian (though if offers both). DIRT also serves dishes made with organic, grass-fed meats. The ethos here seems to be: if you’re going to eat anything, make sure it’s the best, whether that’s a carrot stalk or a chicken leg.

900 S Miami Ave #125, Miami, FL 33130

Bunnie Cakes

Just because you’ve sworn off butter and eggs doesn’t mean you’ve killed your cravings for something sweet. Bunnie Cakes takes care of that vegan baked good quandary with a menu that eschews the animal-based products, but never the flavor. Their cupcakes run the gamut, from fruity (coconut, passion fruit, guava) to your run-of-the-mill sin (banana chocolate chip, cinnamon sugar, vanilla).

2322 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33137

Photo courtesy of Brooke Lark



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