6 Must-See Fall Art Openings

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After a very long summer dry spell, the wait is over: September 10 rings in the start of New York’s fall art season. With shows and exhibitions aplenty, it can be hard to decide which to attend. The following six are a great jumping-off point for the culturally minded, in our humble opinion.


Ryan Whittier Hale: ‘Caressing Form & Void’

The first solo exhibition of Ryan Whittier Hale includes an overview of the artist’s catalogue, featuring animated video work and inkjet prints from 2010 to today. Hale explores our emotional connections and the boundaries that exist between reality and virtual worlds, as well as the reduced sense of intimacy that results. Running Sept. 13 through October 18, 2015 at Envoy Enterprises.


Naomi Reis: ‘Paradise Constructed’

Through mixed-media paintings and installations, Naomi Reis offers a contemporary vision on landscape portraiture. Continuing her investigations of idealized utopian spaces in manmade environments, Reis examines the shifting idea of paradise–from current oases to those we will one day have to rebuild. Running September through October, 2015 at Mixed Greens.


Elektra KB: ‘The Accidental Pursuit of the Stateless’

Inspired by the refugee and migrant crisis, provocative artist Elektra KB has created ‘The Accidental Pursuit of the Stateless,’ a film based on several real-life experiences, speaking on issues concerning migration, mobility, and a sense of place. While the film situates itself closely to political sci-fi, it provides insight into the artist’s upbringing with its religious and Soviet-era references and imagery. Running September 10 through October 17, 2015 at Bravin Lee.


Katherine Bernhardt: ‘Pablo and Efrain’

Katherine Bernhardt has created a vibrantly colored and whimsical world inspired by Puerto Rico. From sharks to sea turtles, Bernhardt’s work will make you dream of sitting on the warm sand with a cold drink in your hand. Running September 9 through October 24, 2015 at Venus Over Manhattan.


Dana Schutz: ‘Fight in an Elevator’

In Dana Schutz’s second exhibition at the Petzel Gallery, she confines her subjects within the compressed interiors of the canvas’ edges. These intense, highly structured paintings and works on paper lure the viewer’s gaze, ensnaring them into each image. Running September 10 through October 24, 2015 at Petzel.


Roy Lichtenstein: “Greene Street Mural”

In an effort to breathe new life into the past, the Gagosian Gallery has recreated a site-specific wall painting that Roy Lichtenstein designed for the Castelli Gallery in December 1983. “Greene Street Mural” mixes Lichtenstein’s iconic pop art style with references to Picasso and Brancusi, Art Deco motifs, and depictions of pyramids. Accompanying this large-scale piece are rarely seen photographs of the original “Greene Street Mural,” as well as extensive documentation relating to various Lichtenstein murals, both realized and otherwise. Running September 10 through October 17, 2015 at Gagosian Gallery.

Jennifer Deppe Parker

Jennifer Deppe Parker

As an artist, Jennifer's recent work explores the sensory elements of a visual experience and presenting light on different levels through various canvas preparations and mixed media applications. As a writer and consultant, she loves to creatively explore modern art at all levels.