6 Must-See Exhibits in 2016

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Art has the uncanny ability to influence perspective, understand cultures, and, in more spectacular instances, change history. As 2015 gives way to the new year, chart a course through these offbeat exhibits currently on display in New York City. Now’s the time to make a resolution to appreciate not simply the images at their face value, but to dig deep into the words, meanings, and movements behind them.


Egyptian, Middle Kingdom, Dynasty 11, reign of Mentuhotep II, 2061–2010 B.C., Deir el-Bahri, Egypt. Via Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

Ancient Egypt Transformed: The Middle Kingdom

Explore 230 marvelous objects, many never before shown Stateside, of a great cultural revolution that lasted nearly 400 years of ancient Egypt’s first reign of the Middle Kingdom’s pharaoh. Running now through January 24, 2016. Visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art for more details.


Hemingway’s 1923 passport (detail), 1923. The Ernest Hemingway Photograph Collection. John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum.

Ernest Hemingway: Between Two Wars

In the first-ever major museum exhibition devoted to the work of Ernest Hemingway, Between Two Wars focuses on one of the most consistently creative phases of Hemingway’s career. With an extensive catalogue of ephemera, including drafts of short stories, filled notebooks, revised manuscripts, paintings, photographs, and personal items, this exhibit dutifully details Hemingway’s prolific brilliance. Running now through January 31, 2016. Visit the Morgan Library for more details.


‘Protest 1’ (1969, printed 1980), from Shomei Tomatsu’s ‘Oh! Shinjuku’ series. Courtesy of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.

For a New World to Come: Experiments in Japanese Art and Photography, 1968-1979

Delve into the intense photographic experimentations made by Japanese artists during an era of social and political upheaval. With 200 works shown, For a New World to Come is the first comprehensive exhibition to highlight this radical break into Japanese contemporary art. Running now through January 10, 2016. Visit the Japan Society for more details.


Robert Smithson. “Sleeping Venus, Giorgione,” 1964. Courtesy of James Cohan Gallery.

Robert Smithson: POP Works, 1961-1964

For James Cohan’s first show in its L.E.S. space, the gallery presents Robert Smithson: POP Works. The show spans a collection of works on paper and select sculpture created by the artist between 1961 and 1964, a time when Smithson was developing his artistic theories and language, all while being immersed in the excitement and experimentation of the downtown NYC art scene at the time. Running now through January 10, 2016. Visit James Cohan Gallery for more details.


Harold Feinstein, “Coney Island Teenagers,” 1949. Credit Harold Feinstein/Panopticon Gallery, Boston.

Coney Island: Visions of an American Dreamland, 1861–2008

Past and present merge as you immerse yourself in the visual record of Coney Island. From classic landscape paintings to striking photographs by the likes of Diane Arbus and Harold Feinstein, Visions of an American Dreamland charts the shifting attitudes towards the iconic beach destination, decade in and decade out. Running now through March 13, 2016. Visit the Brooklyn Museum for more details.


Steve McCurry. “A man carries statue of Ganesh into the water in Mumbai, India, in 1993.” Courtesy of Steve McCurry and the Rubin Museum.

Steve McCurry: India

Photographer Steve McCurry is a master when it comes to capturing the mysteries and complexities of life. In a new exhibition co-organized by the Rubin Museum and the International Center of Photography, Steve McCurry: India brings together amazing images of people, monuments, landscapes, seasons, and the cities of India. Running now through April 4, 2016. Visit the Rubin Museum for more details.

Jennifer Deppe Parker

Jennifer Deppe Parker

As an artist, Jennifer's recent work explores the sensory elements of a visual experience and presenting light on different levels through various canvas preparations and mixed media applications. As a writer and consultant, she loves to creatively explore modern art at all levels.