6 Inspired Valentine’s Day Gifts

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Forget chocolates, flowers, stuffed teddy bears. This Valentine’s Day, give the love in your life a something a little more, well, inspired. Whether they approach romantic gestures traditionally or err on the side of the unorthodox, we’ve got the gift ideas to match.

The Daredevil

Nothing says “passion” like decapitating a bottle of bubbly with a sabre in hand. While Karim Rashid’s champagne sword may not be a perfect gift, this bold gesture will definitely start the night off in the right direction. Available at MoMA.

For the Parent

Bring a child’s drawing to life by turning it into a personalized keychain. Though this gift requires a little forward thought, the sweetness it exudes is worth your while. Available at Formia Designs.

For the Rebel

Is your lover the outspoken type? This natural cotton canvas tote features the titles of classic books that at one time were banned. The perfect size for carrying around reading essentials–and taking a stand on free speech. Available at Uncommon Goods.

For the Wordsmith

If your significant lover has an affinity for grammar and cheese, this thing’s the ultimate. This solid maple wood board is perfect for anyone who enjoys a perfectly organized cheese plate as much as the English language. Available at Uncommon Goods.

For the Eccentric

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but you still may want to substitute the obvious with the unusual. Created with 3D printing and inspired by flora and fauna, Flora Jewelry gives an unconventional answer to the usual Valentine’s Day baubles. Available at MoMA.

When All Else Fails

So we said bears were off the limits, but we didn’t mean this bear. Let this stout fellow help articulate how you felt when you two first locked eyes. Great for anyone who appreciates a good laugh and understands your no-nonsense, enduring love. Available at Love Is Lame.

Jennifer Deppe Parker

Jennifer Deppe Parker

As an artist, Jennifer's recent work explores the sensory elements of a visual experience and presenting light on different levels through various canvas preparations and mixed media applications. As a writer and consultant, she loves to creatively explore modern art at all levels.