5 Must-Sees at Select Art Fair

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The Select Art Fair is unlike any other. Its relatively new status means that constricting standards and limitations older fairs are often subjected to have not yet been determined. A youthful trip into the bizarre and unusual, the ideas offered can still be sophisticated and refined. To prepare you for the fair, which runs May 13th through 17th, here are the pieces and booths to keep your eye out for.

Twist Collective, Booth 210

In the back corner of the second floor, Twist is an interesting combination surrealistic, psychedelic and found objects. Strikingly colorful and unique, you will see this booth from a mile away.

Starry Night Exposure Program, Booth 204

Every piece in this booth is under 28 inches and well-priced–a rarity in the art world. While small in size, the subjects have a great distinctive range, whether sculpture, mixed media, or painting works.


Mandy Mandelstein, “If the Walls Had Eyes”

In the back of the third floor is a motion-activated video installation of multiple eyes observing the passersby. It’s a little creepy, but also wondrously impressive.

Odetta Gallery, Booth 403

Exhibiting an alluring take on color theory and minimalism, Odetta illustrates how classic and refined contemporary artists can be.

Gallery 254, Steve Gagnon, Booth 407

Striving to articulate the American perspective through conceptually driven work, this booth fulfills your pop art needs. Using well-known brands to play with the symbolism of consumerism, Gagnon is able to easily connect with the viewer.

Select Art Fair
548 West 22nd Street, New York, NY 10011


Jennifer Deppe Parker

Jennifer Deppe Parker

As an artist, Jennifer's recent work explores the sensory elements of a visual experience and presenting light on different levels through various canvas preparations and mixed media applications. As a writer and consultant, she loves to creatively explore modern art at all levels.