Carley Knobloch’s Must-Have Travel Gadgets

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We’ve reached peak digital. Fully integrated into our-day-to-day experience, technology now schedules everything from dry cleaning pickups to late-night dim sum delivery. Whether we like it or not, the curse and convenience of tech is here to stay–and Carley Knobloch aims to help us balance it all out. A digital lifestyle expert, Knobloch covers everything from apps that track your caffeine consumption to staying safe while you surf the web. Here, we get the guru’s top 5 picks for apps, gadgets, and gear she loves when she’s on the go.




I never book a plane ticket without checking this app. It will tell me which seats have outlets (not all of them do!), which don’t recline, and which are too close to the bathroom.

The Beauty Look Book Truffle Clarity Clutch Small Grey

via The Beauty Look Book

Truffle Clarity Clutch

I pack all my tech accessories in one, and my personal goodies like hand lotion, lip balm, and eye mask in another. The clear sides are brilliant—I don’t have to dig to find what I need.



RE Camera

When I’m on vacation, I try not to whip my phone out everywhere I go. This camera has no viewfinder, so it lets you be in the moment more, while still capturing memories to relive later.



Native Union NIGHT Cable

Genius: It’s an extra long charging cable (perfect for plugging in behind hotel bedside tables) and it has a weight on top (so it doesn’t drop behind the bedside table when you unplug–because, ewww.)



Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard

When even my Macbook Air is too heavy… this Bluetooth keyboard works with iPads, iPhones, Android devices, and Windows tablets so I can power through emails on the airplane.

Jenny Bahn

Jenny Bahn

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